Vegetarian Quinoa + Couscous

Slide2Hello everyone!

Today’s recipe is for lunch! Yummy! Lunch on the trail should be light as it tends to be part of a break from hiking. This lunch is vegetarian but can easily be modified to meet your carnivorous needs! Pair it with beef jerky or simply pre-make it to include dehydrated chicken or beef. 😀 Easily can used to feed 1 to 3 people as well.

Personally this will feed 3 and be pair with delicious beef jerky! (292 calories and 13 g protein per person, when feeding 3 people + beef jerky nutrition)

The ingredients listed are to make the full recipe. Total recipe will provide 877 calorie, 38 g protein, 139 g carbohydrate (15 g fiber), 21 g fat, 100 mg sodium:

  • ½ cup Tricolor Quinoa
  • 1 cup Couscous
  • 3 Tbsp Raw and Shelled Hemp Seed
  • ½ cup Dehydrated Vegetable Soup Mix
  • ½ cup Dehydrated Mushrooms

The whole recipe weighs 251 grams or 8 7/8 oz.

Divide portions as desired. So as far as seasoning, the vegetable soup mix was purchased and has seasoning. We do like to bring condiments with us such as: salt, pepper, beef bouillon, chicken bouillon, vegetable bouillon, ramen packets that we have saved (as we add our own flavoring when making ramen at home) and curry powder. Deee-lish!! Honestly all up to your preference!

Happy trailing ❤



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