A day in the Life

Photo credit: The Bae

Beaver’s Bend State Park

Hello everyone!

You’d think today would be another camp recipe, but nope! Today was another workday. Yes you can find your friendly dietitians working on weekends, so what do dietitians do??

Clinical Dietitians see patients during their hospital admit. We educate, mentor, follow up or manage care for these patients. Their conditions range from giving birth to receiving new organs. Each person we see has a specific dietary need.

Some patients, just need help figuring out ways to make therapeutic lifestyle changes. Others… well, they may not be able to eat regular food and need tube feeding. Dietitians help mange this alternative food source so patients are able to receive all the macro and micro nutrients needed during their recovery. On another extreme, TPN will give patients nutrients intravenously, bypassing the intestinal tract completely. The goal is always to work with the medical team to get the patient back on track!

A perk of the job: IMG_20160813_164652.jpgTest trays! Quality control! We must know what the patient experiences on the daily. Food can be comforting and confusing for the patient, especially with mutiple diet restrictions.

Above is a veggie burger, asparagus, quinoa, humus plate, a fruit cup for dessert and soy milk.

Daydreaming about the upcoming hike in Colorado  😀

Happy weekend! ❤



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