Cold Meals: Dinner


Hello everyone!

Today is an easy cold dinner. This is my trail version of cheese and crackers. So fancy 🙂

Now before you think it, this is more for the protein and calories than the “nutrition” these are processed foods – and thats one reason they work on the trail. They are non perishable foods and calorically dense!

Pictured above a is a 16 oz summer sausage, smoked reduced fat gouda cheese and whole grain pita crackers. Now I know I have mentioned this before, and probably will continue talk about it through out the blog… but cheese! While lactose products are an issue at times, who can deny the cheesy goodness. Many cheeses can also be kept out and be fine. Other examples:

I chose pita crackers for different reasons:

  1. crispy – less likely to break or crumble
  2. whole grain – fiber keeps you full longer!
  3. and they are just DELICIOUS 😛

As for the sausage we will be sharing, being smaller I probably can not eat more than 4 -5 oz of sausage, 2 oz cheese and 4 portions (~30 crackers) for a meal. You can also find individual sausages such as:


That being said those particular portions will provide about:

400 calories, 25 g carbohydrate, 20 g fat, 25 g protein

Weight will vary on products! Share your cold meals below!


Happy Trailing<3



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