Vacation all I ever wanted!

Hello everyone!

I can honestly say I am pumped for this week in Colorado! Kinda of going to wing the hike. Might end up setting a base camp and explore the surrounding area or might get lost exploring 😀 who knows?!

Super excited to fill up my new backpack with all my nutritious meals – featured above some (but not all) of the meals/snacks I will be carrying.  There will be 3 of us on this trip :). So so so nice to be able to split up everything. We will be bringing a tent and hammock, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, cookware, camelbags – water drops, food, clothes, hygienics, etc.

Check out how big this pack is looking so far and it’s not even full yet!


Will be MIA for 1 week.

Happy Trailing ❤



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