Salida, Colorado: Day 2

Days 2 8/21:

We started off with breakfast of my Cinnamon Almond Oatmeal. I loved it, but like I said Dietitians sometimes like weird foods. For the bae this recipe “had too much” and he would have preferred oatmeal with just cinnamon. The hemp and almonds were too much for him.

AND the jokes started… bird food 😑. But my boys (bae and brother) were fed. Next time no mass meals, individual meals for all – guess I’m a restaurant!

Next was packing up in search for a new site. The river was beautiful, but no hiking nearby.

Drove a little ways to Buena Vista and set up a base camp off The Colorado Trail.

And off we were!


Colorado Trail day 2: ~ 9,100 ft

What a change from the 700 ft we are normally at in Texas.

Lunch of Cheese and Crackers because we were too tired too cook 😂.

Bonfire building…  IMG_20160827_144827

And before the day was long gone… dinner time!


Parmesan Chicken Couscous

Couscous is nice to take camping or on a thru hike. It cooks quick! Just add boiling water and yum!



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