Salida, Colorado: Day 4

Hello everyone!!


This day was a reload day, we had been rained on for 3 days now. So we packed up everything, loaded the truck and headed back into Salida, our friend had done us good by taking us to The Hunger Trailer the night we arrived, so we asked for another local food hot-spot.

That led us to The Patio Pancake.


Check out that that 3 egg omelet!! 😍

After breakfast, we decided to hit up another local spot… Ghost town style.

St. Elmo, were you can find cute little birds and chipmunks that only want to be your friends!

St. Elmo is an old mining town. It has many of its buildings still standing and you can even spend the night… if you aren’t too scared of the ghosts!


St. Elmo was surreal to say the least.

We remade camp, this time on Mt. Shavano, which is actually part of the Colorado Trail! With camp made and wood gathered, it was dinner time!

Chicken with Veggies Mashed Potatoes





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