Salida, Colorado: Day 5


Photo credit for the night photo featured above: The bae ❤

Hello everyone!!

As y’all have seen, we didn’t do much backpacking… So that was the goal for today, if Mother Nature was agreeable. But first, breakfast!

I had shown this dry or cold breakfast previously, Cold Meals: Breakfast. Fast and easy, also delicious and nutritious 😀!!

This time we packed for an overnight stay on Mt. Shavano – 14,232 ft!! Packs with lunch, dinner, snacks, water, 2 hammocks (each for 2 people), rain fly, sleeping bags, hygienics, etc.


They definitely do not call them the Rockies for nothing! Perfection!

But can you see those rain clouds?! 😣 We were up for it, even managed to reach ~12,000 ft!! But then came some lighting… not up for becoming a statistic. So we made the hike back down to base camp. At least we made it up pretty high!!


We reset camp built a fire and planned for lunch and boy was it was delicious after our hike!

Chicken + Mushroom Quinoa:IMG_20160830_163316

As we had noted, it began raining… Kept dry and warm under the rain fly next to the fire. I try to make camping trips an opportunities to read, currently reading Joyland by Stephen King. No spoilers here, but free warning – it may be very depressing as much of the book is the main character reminiscing a college summer working at the theme park, Joyland.

When the rain calmed down a bit we worked on the fire a bit and set up for dinner, chicken with cheesy shells.






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