Gear Review: Pots

Hello everyone!!!


Took a break from the blog this weekend in respects to Labor Day. However, I was working in the hospital 😬. That’s okay, got me think about gear!! Not all dietitians like to or can cook. Also not gonna say I’m a chef or anything, just like to experiment with “camp foods.”

But first things first… What do you cook on when on the trail??? 😅


So I like to use a 3 piece titanium pot/pan cook set by Health Pro, bought our set on Amazon. REI also has lots of different options. This particular set packs into itself or you can just pack one pot and place the fuel or food inside to save space!

Titanium is:


  • light
  • does not rust
  • very durable
  • one of the safest metals to cook on


  • does not distribute heat as efficiently as aluminum


Cookware can meet your needs – just gotta find the right set!! Some people will hike without cookware and do dry/cold foods only. For cleanliness some hikers will bring one pot and only boil water in it. We do cook our food in our pots either on the fire or on the stove. Some of the dehydrated meals can be cooked in their bag with hot water, just needs to set for a while before eating.


Features of the Health Pro cookware set:

~Pot #1 capacity: 800 milliliters (27 liquid oz)
~Pot #2 capacity: 1.2 liters (liquid 40.5 oz)
~Lid-pan capacity: 400 milliliters (liquid 13.5 oz)
~Weight for the set: 9.2 ounces (261 grams)
~Packed height: 5.2 inches (132 mm)
~Packed diameter: 5.0 inches (127 mm)


Happy trailing!



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