Tinkle Tinkle… Whoops!

Hello everyone!! Or should I say ladies?!!!

Guys are so lucky… they can pee… well basically anywhere without it becoming a chore. Unfortunately us ladies can not, unless we practice practice practice.

Thankfully someone has met this need and made what I like to call “the lady funnel.”This nifty device has been a life saver for me. I can hike, do my business and then keep going.

I like to pack it in a sandwich size ziplock bag and close it. Then I put that baggie in a quart size bag with toilet paper. Voila toilet to go female style!

I of course bought this on Amazon. I have seen it at several stores (REI and Walmart) as well. They do come in different firmness… if that makes sense? The Walmart one would be the softest funnel, personally would not feel comfortable using that. They also have disposable options – always pack out what you packed in!!!









Overall, the lady funnel beats having an accident on the trail!!

Happy trailing!!



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